Fox News’s Shepard Smith Debunks His Network’s Favorite Hillary Clinton ‘Scandal’

Fred Barbash – The Washington Post:

Smith has deviated from the Fox and Trump line before, to the point that his Fox colleague Sean Hannity accused him of being “anti-Trump.”

Tuesday night, Twitter was brimming with outrage from people who appeared to share Hannity’s view.

Shep Smith, lone journalist at Fox “News,” suffers a predictable backlash for telling the truth. He’s not the only journalist who’s debunked the uranium conspiracy story, just the only one at Fox “News.”

What’s to be said of the Fox “News” audience? The kindest I can come up with is that the outlet serves the needs of those suffering an extreme right-leaning conspiracist confirmation bias.

Consider that the GOP holds thirty governor’s mansions, about the same number of statehouses, both houses of Congress, and the White House. The US Supreme Court is majorly conservative. The troubles in American politics are obviously, screamingly rooted in the majority party, which appears unable to produce at the federal level any of its promised results.

And at this late date, with all that’s become known of Mr. Trump, his cronies, and his behavior, why would anyone but the most cynically political self-describe as “pro-Trump?”

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