The Best OLED TV

Chris Heinonen – Wirecutter Reviews:

We researched all the latest OLED TVs and tested the top competitors to determine that the LG C7 is the best high-end TV. Although pricey compared to even the best LCD TVs, the C7 has the same OLED panel found in even more expensive models from LG and Sony, and saves you money by leaving out extra features that won’t noticeably improve image quality. Like all OLED TVs, the C7 gives you darker blacks and truer colors than LCD displays, making it a great option for videophiles looking for image quality above all else.

The only reason I’m even considering a purchase like this is the gorgeous visuals in Blade Runner 2049. We probably won’t have a new TV in time for the 4k release of the film, but this article starts the process of getting there, eventually.

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