Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill Could be Worse Than we Thought

Sarah sax – VICE News:

Kent Moeckly, a nearby land owner and member of the Dakota Rural Action Group, told VICE News he’s concerned that the spill could be much larger though, in large part because the computers used to detect oil pressure drops don’t always detect small leaks. “TransCanada thought it was 200,000 gallons. What we found out working with TransCanada, it could very well be 600,000 gallons,” Moeckly said.

Yep, I know. It’s the old section of pipeline, not the new, not-as-yet approved Keystone XL. Regardless, both pipelines would carry tar sand oil, and both will be susceptible to this sort of spill. Worse, The XL crosses watersheds that provide surface and aquifer drinking water to millions of people.

Put yourself in these people’s shoes. Would you want that additional pumping capacity running past your county, over your drinking water, and trust that the company whose incentive is to pump as much as possible will keep your water and land safe?

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