Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican

(I should make clear that the title of this post comes from the NYT headline. I am not now, now have I ever been an evangelical Christian.)

Peter Wehner – The New York Times:

In the latest example of this, a rising number of Republicans are attempting to delegitimize the special counsel’s investigation into whether there were links between Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign and Mr. Putin’s Russia because they quake at what he may find. Prominent evangelical leaders, rather than challenging the president to become a man of integrity, have become courtiers. What’s happening with Mr. Moore in Alabama — with the president, the Republican National Committee, the state party and many white evangelicals rallying around him — is a bridge too far for many of us. Where exactly is the bottom?

A self-described evangelical Christian and conservative walks away from not only the party, but the label his religious affiliation has carried for more than three decades. Wehner has reached his Joe McCarthy moment. He asks, as did Senator Welch a half-century ago, “have you left no sense of decency?”

Wehner’s statements about the evangelical movement are outside my life and moral authority to comment upon, but I firmly believe that America needs a new Conservative Party as home for GOP refugees. A healthy political system requires a counterbalance to the opposing politics of the left.

So many accused sexual harrassers have fallen, with surely more to come. The GOP stands in contradiction to its former self, its standard-bearers themselves fallen men. It appears a dark hour in American history, but I see the opportunity for a new dawn in our government and our culture, a space for women to fill fully half the seats of power, if not more, and a moment for decent people to say, “no more” and retake the direction of our country and its culture. There are brighter days ahead.

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