Cooper: How to Crush Trump

Ryan Cooper – The Week:

The only reliable way to stop Trump and the Republican Party that has stood firmly behind him for his entire presidency is through strategic political defeat.

Cooper’s thesis includes the firing of Special Counsel Bob Mueller, an act that would bring people into the streets in protest.

In another era such an act was swiftly followed by the appointment of a new investigator, but as Cooper points out, we’re far from those days now.

I doubt Trump will be impeached on the grounds of what Mueller finds. It’s not that I doubt Mueller’s effort, or that there is wrongdoing to be uncovered. I doubt the integrity of the majority political party to follow through on what’s found, the self-same party that not only adopted a confessed sexual predator as their candidate for the presidency, but also adopted and embraced an alleged child molester as candidate for the United States Senate. These people are as shameless as Mr. Trump.

I believe there will be a wave election for Democrats and independents in the coming year. If that pans out, I’m confident Trump will be shown the door by the electorate in 2020.

He won’t go quietly, though. His manner in the first year of his presidency predicts a refusal of election results, calls for investigation, and an ugly handover of power in January, 2021.

Unloading this jackass requires overwhelming electoral defeat, which begins with the 2018 mid-term elections. Voter turnout was the key in Alabama’s special election. I’m counting on it turning the tide of dysfunctional government in the coming year.

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