It’s Been an Open Secret All Along

James Fallows — The Atlantic:

They know. They could do something: hearings, investigations, demands for financial or health documents, subpoenas. Even the tool they used against the 42nd president, for failings one percent as grave as those of the 45th: impeachment.

They know. They could act. And they don’t. The failure of responsibility starts with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, but it doesn’t end with them. Every member of a bloc-voting majority shares responsibility for not acting on their version of the open secret.

We are watching the political equivalent of the Weinstein board paying off the objects of his abuse. We are watching Fox pay out its tens of millions to O’Reilly’s victims. But we’re watching it in real time, with the secret shared worldwide, and the stakes immeasurably higher.

A particularly damning assessment by a respected journalist, and a good read.

But we knew all this, all along. Mr. Trump has never pretended to be anything other than what he is: a charlatan, a vane liar who is president of the United States, threatening a sovereign state with nuclear war, and slowly losing his mind.

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