Washington’s Growing Obsession: The 25th Amendment

Annie Karni — POLITICO:

Lawmakers concerned about President Donald Trump’s mental state summoned Yale University psychiatry professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee to Capitol Hill last month for two days of briefings about his recent behavior.

In private meetings with more than a dozen members of Congress held on Dec. 5 and 6, Lee briefed lawmakers — all Democrats except for one Republican senator, whom Lee declined to identify. Her professional warning to Capitol Hill: “He’s going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs.”

One of these days, someone of stature in DC is going to grow a spine and say this stuff out loud, like so many of the rest of us have been doing for just about a year now. Why?

Richard Painter, who served as chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush, tweeted on Tuesday of the president’s comments about North Korea, “This Tweet alone is grounds for removal from office under the 25th Amendment. This man should not have nukes.”

Wakey, wakey, America. You elected a narcissist of slowly declining cognition president. Maybe you were making a statement. Turns out to be not a very bright one, and we’re all going to pay for it.

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