∴ Cory’s Podcast

We’re not quite yet into the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections, but a handful of 2020 presidential hopefuls are already making obvious noises. Senator Cory Booker has started a podcast along the lines of David Axelrod’s podcast, called Lift Every Voice. In the first episode, published this week, Booker interviewed Congressman John Lewis. Booker fawned over Lewis, which isn’t entirely the wrong way to go, but on the whole he let Lewis speak. There’s gold in that man’s words.

More indicative of where Booker is in his rhetoric was his dressing-down of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen this week. He was incensed. Though he got a few of his facts askew, there was righteous anger in his voice. The man has the fire, and I like that. What remains to be seen is whether he has full grasp of policy and whether he’s for-real or only playing the part. He makes the right sounds. I want to be convinced.

Next up, I’m tuning into Senator Kamala Harris. She’s gathered a lot of attention with her appointment to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I need to hear some fire from her, as well.

Those are my top two for now. Who rings the bell for you?

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