The NCAA Will Investigate Michigan State’s Handling of Larry Nassar Scandal

Alex Kirshner—

“The NCAA has sent a letter of inquiry to Michigan State University regarding potential NCAA rules violations related to the assaults Larry Nassar perpetrated against girls and young women, including some student-athletes at Michigan State,” the organization wrote in a statement when reached for comment by SB Nation. “We will have no further comment at this time.”

The NCAA’s written principles include that it is “the responsibility of each member institution to protect the health of, and provide a safe environment for, each of its participating student-athletes.”

Nassar’s sentencing hearing has unfolded at a Michigan courthouse over the last week. So far, at least 190 of his victims have come forward at those hearings.

190 victims that we know of. Imagine how high that number might be if every one of Nassar’s victims felt compelled to safely speak out against him. How many are secretly cheering from the sidelines of this disgraceful spectacle?

Here’s a thought for the post-mortem of Nassar’s case. Once he’s behind bars, and the NCAA has concluded its investigation into Michigan State’s awareness and possible negligence letting Nassar practice on its athletes, if there exists evidence of negligence by the school they should suffer what Penn State should have after the revelations of Jerry Sandusky’s pedophelia: full suspension of all NCAA sports for a decade, no appeal.

That would destroy the school’s athletic program. It’d also let them concentrate more keenly on two things: the egregiousness of their potential willful ignorance, and academics. College is about learning, first. Sports is a sideshow, but not so at places like Penn State and Michigan. The NCAA failed to apply a harsh reminder of that after Sandusky.

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