NYT: The Price I Paid for Taking On Larry Nassar

Rachael Denhollander—The New York Times:

And the effort it took to move this case forward — especially as some called me an “ambulance chaser” just “looking for a payday” — often felt crushing.

Yet all of it served as a reminder: These were the very cultural dynamics that had allowed Larry Nassar to remain in power.

We have made for ourselves a crappy culture.

Blame-the-victim is blood sport when the victim is a woman, and not only these women. And it always seems to revolve around sex, the denial of sex by women for men who demand it, and particularly women’s successes and advancement in sports, careers, and stature.

When was the last time you heard of a male victim being blamed for his victimhood? Oh yeah, young black men murdered by police. Crappy culture, times 2.

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