Mitt Romney’s Run for Senate Champions the Utah Alternative

McKay Coppins—The Atlantic:

“I always laugh when people say we’re the reddest of red states,” said Rod Arquette, a popular conservative talk-radio host in Utah. “I don’t believe we are as conservative as people say we are. On some of the moral issues, we’re conservative. But I also think we’re willing to listen and try to solve problems. We have a culture of collaboration here.”

Listening is good. It can get people from problem to solution. Who will Mr. Romney be listening to?

What Utah lacks is a diverse population, many of them living way too close to the poverty line with little help or hope of doing better. Utah is, in a word, very white, and knows little of the problems faced by people of color and the poor white class. It’s those unpleasant factors, income and ethnicity, that keep folks in their place in America. Utah is not a proving ground for how Mr. Romney would help these folks. Maybe he doesn’t need to, though.

The fact is, people who look and earn like Mitt, and like a lot of Utahans, don’t need much help. So maybe Mitt is the right man for Utah … but if he’s gonna be all that for America he needs to do a Bobby Kennedy walk through a poor man’s home and come out shaken, weeping, and tell the cameras what he’s going to do about it. He’s gotta show us he feels it.

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