‘Black Panther’: Erik Killmonger Is a Profound, Tragic Villain

Adam Serwer—The Atlantic:

Where was Wakanda? Wakanda failed. Killmonger was right. He is blinded by his pain to the evil of his own methods, but he is correct that Wakanda abandoned its responsibility to use its unmatched power to protect black people around the world. They could have stopped the endless march of souls into The Void. They did not.

Terrific deep dive into Black Panther’s internal politics by Adam Serwer. I’m still not convinced of the wisdom of laying blame for centuries of black African subjugation at the feet of an African kingdom, even a fictional one, but the story was powerful despite this jarring detail and well dissected by Serwer.

If you liked the film for more than its spectacle, you’ll enjoy this read.

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