Cohen, Two Years Ago: Donald Trump’s Intolerable Cruelty

I posted this article, which resurfaced this morning, to Facebook two years ago. In it Richard Cohen condemned then-candidate Donald Trump for his innate cruelty, obvious bigotry, and general lack of empathy. How prescient it was, and how damning.

All of which leads me to ask those who supported this man, and who continue to do so, how could you? Have you no sense of decency?

(The Washington Post🙂

Trump’s other outrages arguably had an element of political calculation to them. The stuff about Mexicans, about immigrants in general, and about Muslims was popular among his supporters. It’s not that I think these insults were disingenuous — the man’s bigotry was evident when he insistently questioned whether Barack Obama was a natural-born American — but they applied to large groups, momentarily unpopular, and no single person either had to bear a stigma or feel the hurt. Trump came closest to showing his innate cruelty with his remark that John McCain, who spent five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, was no hero. Trump has an adolescent’s contempt for the suffering of others.

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