Instagram is changing its algorithm. Here’s how.

Javey Fortin—The New York Times:

Instagram is one of several social media companies that are striving to find the right balance between arranging content chronologically and ranking it according to machine-learned impressions of relevance.

Twitter’s feed is largely chronological — though it is has been known to experiment with ranking, sometimes irritating users — while Facebook, which owns Instagram, relies more heavily on algorithms, meaning well-liked content and posts from good friends tend to show up front and center.

Machine-learned ranking is the worst. I’ve heard and read many complaints about it, but few if any who actually like it. And what it says about the service is, perhaps, worse: they know what’s best for how you should view your friends’ activities.

Thanks, no.

I’m a fan of Twitter’s lists—assign the feeds you follow to one or more self-created lists and see those tweets as a group—because they gives me full control over how I see what I want to see. Worth checking out if you’re a Twitter user and haven’t tried them yet.

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