∴ Utter crap on Medium

Do you have a Medium account? Do you read the weekly digest of recommended articles? Have you noticed that much of the content is navel-gazing crap?

I’ve taken the weekly digest of Medium articles for a few years. There were some interesting articles there when I began reading, but more recently I’ve found a cacophony of introspective nonsense masquerading as intellect. I’d sum it as a waste of time if it weren’t revealing of the contemporary state of writing.

I shit-canned the Medium digest. Maybe you publish there. Maybe you take the content. I’d urge you to give it all a harder look, a more thorough read. There’s a lot of junk, applause for junk, and dumb ideas sprouted by people who have so little experience of life it’d take a day to explain what they don’t understand about the words they wrote.


Today feels an appropriate moment to let on that I’ve withdrawn from much of social media. Maybe I’ll return to some of it. Now seems a better time to look inward and consider the takeaways from what I’ve read. At the same time, I plan more writing on my blogs and less scanning the wasteland of where content winds up.

Sometimes the right move is to fold and move on with your agenda and let the world burn.

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