Kamala Harris and the "imperial presidency"

Andrew Egger, in an ill-titled but otherwise straight-up conservative take on Senator Kamala Harris’ threat to override gun laws, in The Bulwark:

“Of course for most things we’ll keep following the Constitution,” the partisan suggests, “but this thing is important enough to make an exception.” The trouble is that this twinge grows fainter with each subsequent abuse. By now it has nearly faded entirely. How long before candidates stop bothering to offer Congress a window in which to be good and do as they’re told at all?

Congress has done nothing about gun violence for at least the two decades since the Columbine HS massacre despite thousands of gun-related deaths in the US. A counter-question to Egger’s: Would this not qualify as a national emergency?

With Trump’s end-run to fund his wall project, both parties have gone on record with this strategy. A better conservative question would be, “how soon will a president overriding signed legislation be slapped down by the US Supreme Court?”

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