NYT: Disinvestment and reinvestment

Emily Badger, Quoctrung Bui and Robert Gebeloff, The New York Times:

“Our black bodies literally have less economic value than the body of a white person,” she said. “As soon as a white body moves into the same space that I occupied, all of a sudden this place is more valuable.” 

White flight and white return are not opposite phenomena in American cities, generations apart. Here they are part of the same story. 

In the places where white households are moving, reinvestment is possible mainly because of the disinvestment that came before it. Many of these neighborhoods were once segregated by law and redlined by banks. Cities neglected their infrastructure. The federal government built highways that isolated them and housing projects that were concentrated in them. Then banks came peddling predatory loans.

An example of contemporary gentrification in Raleigh, North Carolina brings a handful of racial tropes together in a single story. Worth a read.

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