The Final Scene of Avengers: Endgame

Shirley Li, The Atlantic:

Yet the Endgame finale—with its heart-stoppingly romantic last shot, of Steve and Peggy dancing in their living room, reunited sometime in the past—has made Captain America a target of some less-than-Cap-friendly commentary since the film’s release. His final scene, one critic argued, “makes no sense.” On Twitter, he’s #notmysteve and #notmycaptain, with the word selfish brought up the most.

The difference between a fan and a fanboy is that fans can still cast a critical eye on the object of their fandom. Fanboys are blinded by their fandom. And yet these critiques are not critical. They are unseeingly petty.

A shameless minor cadre of fanboys–I’m going out on a limb guessing there aren’t many women fans chiming in on this one–are masquerading as wanna-be movie critics, decrying one of the longest-wished-for yet least-expected scenes in an otherwise over-stuffed three-hour movie. They ought to give the character a chance to enjoy being more than the avatar of their pent-up frustration at being pantsed so often in middle school.

Li concludes,

How remarkable, then, that Avengers audiences get to watch a hero wrap up his story the way he wants to, by being as loyal as he’s always been and fulfilling a promise he once couldn’t keep. How refreshing that we get to have him be human, out of costume and out of action. How marvelous to see him retire, no post-credits sting necessary, having lived a full life with someone he missed ever since he woke up from those decades frozen in ice.

Just so.

Leave it alone, guys. It was nice to see a well-loved character, born of sacrifice and dedicated to what he believed in, finally get his reward.

To fuse and paraphrase Tony Stark and James Darrell Edwards III, these people need to move their bum asses out of their moms’ house and get a life.

(kudos if you know who James Edwards is without Googling it.)

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