Applebaum: History Will Judge the Complicit

I’ve struggled for three years to understand the people who continue supporting Donald Trump despite ample reason not to.

Thoughtful conservative politics I get—though I’d like to see more of their high-mindedness directed at what to do about intractable social problems rather than what not to do. The plight of left-behind communities stranded without industry I understand—though it’s a harsh irony that these often-white communities are able to drive the election of a naked populist with their multi-decade grievance while black communities continue struggling despite their multi-century grievance. But anti-intellectualism, rejection of long-standing American institutions, and ignorance of the rule of law I do not understand. Each of these delusions is necessary to maintaining support for this man.

Anne Applebaum has authored a masterful assessment of the go-along sentiments driving Trump’s enablers. I highly recommend taking the time to read it.

I don’t know what the future brings for America. Understanding what brought us Trump and why many continue to support him is a first step at figuring that out.