Craft, The Cocktail App

Version History

2020.1: First release


Set your name as the source of your cocktail creations and set a “go-to” favorite cocktails icon by tapping the gear icon on the cocktails tab. Other app features may be configured from this view, as well.


The primary use of the app is adding, tweaking (editing), reading, and deleting cocktail recipes. All of those activities are handled from the cocktails tab view.

You may optionally choose to keep track of which recipe ingredients are on hand. A list of ingredients is automatically generated and updated as cocktails are added, tweaked, and deleted. It can be viewed and each item toggled on or off from the ingredients tab. Keeping track of what ingredients are on-hand will cause the app to color code the cocktails list and each cocktail’s detail view.

Color Coding and Go-to Favorites

Cocktails are color-coded when all ingredients are on-hand or when one ingredient is missing. Cocktails with fewer on-hand ingredients are not color-coded.

A cocktail may be toggled a “go-to” favorite in its detail view.


Cocktail and ingredient views may be filtered by tapping the filter button in the cocktails view and the ingredients view, respectively.

Tweaking vs. New Version

Self-created cocktails may be tweaked or a new version created, while cocktails created by other sources may only have a new version created, by tapping the ellipsis icon in the cocktail detail view.


Self-created cocktails may always be shared with other users of Craft, The Cocktail App via AirDrop or Mail by tapping the share iconin the cocktail detail view.

Allowing friends with whom you share a cocktail to subsequently share it with others may be disabled in the cocktail detail view by tapping the Sharing Details button. The default behavior is to allow subsequent sharing.

Cocktails for which subsequent sharing is disabled cannot be shared by others.

Receiving Shared Cocktails

Receiving a shared cocktail is as simple as tapping a Mail file attachment or accepting an AirDrop request. You may have to scroll through the list of available app icons, or even tap the More icon to find Craft. If so, tap Edit, then the plus icon next to Craft, then Done. Then tap Craft.


The app saves your cocktails on your device and, if you’re logged into iCloud, uploads them. If you install the app on additional devices, the app will keep your recipes and ingredients synchronized between all of them.

iCloud may require a few moments to sync on your second or subsequent device. You’ll know syncing is complete when the summary, below, is the same on each device.